Avanza number portability Argentina

6:06 AM Edited by Blony

. Number portability is the ability to retain a phone number even changing companies because, under this model, you own your own phone number and have one less reason you can not change your business ...

This is under discussion for years but it seems that Argentina is about to change because a court decision it ordered the State to authorize the mobile number portability something that was already regulated but that was not by simple ... hopefully bureaucracy ;)

"The delay of the State regulation is a real and serious disruption of the
constitutional and legal rights of millions of users: the freedom of choice,
quality, property, to work" lists Clarin Horacio Berst, legal coordinator of the
Union of Consumers and Users.

Flavio Lowenrosen, under the sponsoring
lawyer, add: "It creates a captive monopoly because for economic reasons or if
technology users to change the business are punished with the loss of your phone
number. This prevents a free choice and real competition, as well as the
participation of more companies in the mobile telephony market. "