Nokia ovi Store billed directly to your phone bill

1:58 AM Edited by Blony

. Interesting statement in the Forum Nokia Code Camp in Jakarta and collected by CellPassion in which recognize that according to the business model in mind, everything you buy at the Nokia Store ovi you will be charged on the invoice from your telephone company with which obviously, a new actor in the equation of this store applications and that the operator is not included in the iTunes App Store or in the plans of the Windows Mobile Marketplace.

What good is it? Avoid having to sell only to clients with electronic payment means, avoids having to deal with billing and customer arrears and ultimately promotes incredibly compulsive buying as there is no feeling of actual payment.

What's wrong with this? Operators are beginning to have interference in a market that even helped build and that its model of charging for each transaction generated nearly destroyed almost at its inception ... and who knows if these conditions are beginning to ask the rest.