Nokia is committed to LTE, WiMAX abandoning

8:05 AM Edited by Blony

. Nokia plans to launch LTE mobile devices by 2010, almost completely abandoning their developments in mobile WiMAX, as it had done Nortel, and it becomes a very bad news for Xohm, Clearwire and Sprint, two traders who bet on WiMAX and who already know that Nokia has canceled production on his Nokia N810 with WiMAX.

In a presentation of the Chief Technology Officer of Nokia, James Harper, could be the clear intention of Nokia to continue the trend of mobile broadband devices on the side of the LTE and non-WiMAX technology to the box and not as a niche scale.

Harper said the backwards compatibility and the lack of a clear roadmap forward were the major drawbacks of WiMAX and therefore became a niche technology to a few operators and ISPs and not to the mass of mobile operators who are via 3G and HSPA. (as told from 3G Americas, remember?)

At the moment there are not many details, but not out of Nokia mobile devices with LTE for this year, both mobile and notebooks or netbooks, given that Nokia is really interested in entering the business notebooks.