Google Android makes a team in Taiwan to develop its NETBOOK

8:06 AM Edited by Blony

It seems that the novel of the great players of the mobile industry trying to get into the business of netbooks is going to take to time and we now have a new track of the steps that Google tries to give in that regard.

As revealed Chien Lee-feng, president of Google Taiwan, just install an Android team in Taiwan to provide technical support to hardware manufacturers in Taiwan that are developing products based on Android, including netbooks and their systems.

If we remember that a little over a week already knew that Asus was developing its NETBOOK with Android, begins to have everything pretty meaningless.

The odd thing is that just a couple of days ago it was revealed that Nokia is also going to Taiwan, seeking partners to manufacture its NETBOOK. So we have to wait a bit to know what are the strategies of these two titans.