A Competitive App Store iPhone: Cydia Store.

10:39 AM Edited by Blony

A news that is intended to make the rounds of the network, is opening the first store of unofficial applications for iPhone and iPod touch. Through channels not authorized by Apple, in fact, through Jailbreak will not buy applications on App Store.

Underlying all, however, it must be said that the process to get to the modification of the device, it will void your warranty and is badly seen by Apple. Of course, for those who already have to do with Cydia - the collector of a variety of applications (and free) for iPhone and iPod touch will be very happy to know that it is officially available on Cydia Channel Store.

It 'the first shop (unofficial) software for devices in morsicata Mela, which will not be subject by harsh rules and limitations of the App Store. The advantages? None, at least for now, but certainly you will end all those payment applications that are not allowed in the store of Cupertino. Among these, we can indicate one, and the first and the only: Cyntact, which displays the photos next to each contact in the phone book, at a cost of $ 1 (about 0.8 €).