Acer will also store your Windows Mobile applications

10:41 AM Edited by Blony

. Adding to the fashionable shops of applications of mobile manufacturers, Acer will be the same as Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Apple, HTC, i-Mate, Palm, and Google. Everyone wants to take advantage of the momentum it gave to the business strategy for the Apple iPhone with iTunes.

One of its executives said that Acer was considering the feasibility of a store that applications would be accessible from your new smartphone with Windows Mobile Acer Tempo.

Which has many stores with software for Windows Mobile is a disorder, there will surely be different prices for the same applications, Palm, SkyMarket, Acer and others have or will have different pricing policies and versioning can be complicated ... let's see how it is, then, that Microsoft has been delayed a few years to launch his own shop is the cause of these problems now.

It is worth mentioning that Acer has an advantage because the new Acer smartphones in Tempo will be free with contract plans and ensuring a large body of users of its smartphones with the launch of entry, as it will partner with mobile operators, but HTC is not making it.