Blackberry Pearl 8120. Firmware 4.5 Released!

7:03 AM Edited by Blony

Definitely a good weekend, so, for owners of BlackBerry Pearl 8120.

In fact, it is possible to upgrade to this new smartphone to version 4.5, connecting to

Here is the changelog of the new release:


streaming music and video (eg. YouTube);
search for clear days in the
calendar or occupied;
Research of remote e-mail on the server;
attachments and edit documents;
Upgradeable system software via wireless;
myFaves 1.5;
new page to open the browser;
updated user interface;
WAP 2.0;
better control of the operation calls via voice commands;
improvement in Blackberry Maps (pdi, save routes, improvements to graphics);
possibility to enable / disable the EDGE;
HTML e-mail accounts with
BlackBerry Internet Solution (BIS).
Bug solved:

UMA performance;
synchronization of the icon in myFaves;
Register of
appearance of the myFaves;
po-up of birthdays / anniversaries
in myFaves;
Java error in downloading some audio files;
Reboot the
device when it was connected to a Belkin router or some type N.


  1. Anonymous said...

    I have been running for many monthes now with Orange and although UMA is much better, youtube viewing is rubbish, the video camera is buggy. Compared to new BB devices now available e.g. 8900 and the upcoming new Bold 9700 the Pearl just lacks processing power to be able to cope with the demands of media streaming, providing a quality browsing experience etc and newer code doesnt seem to make much difference. I'm guessing that if carriers approve the anticipated 5.0 codeline that will be much of a let down too. Why dont BlackBerry just improve the Pearls hardware seeing as it has been on the market for donkeys years now.