World Ranking 2008 mobile manufacturers

7:13 AM Edited by Blony

ABI Research has just published research that lets us see the world ranking of manufacturers of mobile phones during 2008 and that does not differ from the investigation of DigiTimes.

How we see, Nokia remains the undisputed leader with nearly 40% of the global market and there are few surprises at the end of the table:

Nokia - 38.6%
Samsung - 16.2%
LG - 8.3%
Motorola - 8.3%
Sony Ericsson - 8.0%
RIM BlackBerry-1.9%
Kyocera - 1.4%
Apple - 1.1%
HTC - 1.1%
Sharp - 1.0%

The leap between the first and second we must call attention, as usual against the performance of Nokia, Samsung, and both are big winners in new customers this year, Nokia and Samsung won 2% 3%, extending the gap with respect to the followers.

LG, the third, also won an additional 2% of the market compared to 2007, and everything is based on its success in the U.S. market.

The bold is very close to Kyocera RIM Blackberry, which can not penetrate more the user base and stagnated at 2%. Also, meeting its goals of selling 10 million iPhone in 2008, Apple is on a par with the HTC and Sharp remains very close.

The big losers are Sony Ericsson and Motorola, which, although still in a good position, left a 5% and 2% in the hands of other manufacturers.

... The 2009 is hard, we'll move the table!