Overview of Advertising and Mobile Banking in the 2009 Mobile Marketing Association

7:16 AM Edited by Blony

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA Mobile Marketing Association) today announced the publication of two excellent analysis of prospective 2009 on mobile advertising and mobile banking, two interesting aspects to monetize even more mobile services.

The prospective study on mobile banking (PDF) plays key subjects such as statistics and market size, products, and mobile banking services focused on consumers and the channels in the mobile media that are available for banks and other financial institutions. The analysis also includes some comments and recommendations to improve communications and the effectiveness of each marketing channel. As well as issues of mobile security.

The 2009 version of the mobile advertising report (PDF) was designed to help educate newcomers to the market and industry in mobile advertising, to provide an overview of mobile media channels available to advertisers, and summarizes the benefits and considerations for optimizing the effectiveness of a campaign, and improve customer satisfaction.

Furthermore it shows up as a campaign banner adapted to be viewed properly on all models of mobiles.