Twitter on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic with Stew

4:27 AM Edited by Blony

Addicted to Twitter while there's lots still are not many users with a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic for our lands, even if they arrive. Those who walk with a Nokia can also see the best applications for Twitter.

Among the most interesting is Stew, a widget where you can choose how long each has been updated and a page devoted specifically to search Twitter, a more than useful today and more to have it on your phone.

It is also very good page for updates but it is a first version and you can not play at the different users to enter their pages or the links they post. Nor can you do or replies RT, something fundamental, but it certainly added soon. And it even has a blue bar with no help.

So until now the usefulness of Stew is limited to post, read and search within twitts Twitter. If you can convince them to download (. Rar).