A prototype of Nokia N95 diseases detected by the breath

4:26 AM Edited by Blony

The prototype first appeared a few days ago in Tokyo during the International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference (nano tech 2009) and results from the collaboration between Applied NanoDetectors (AND), a British company specializing in nanotechnology, and Nokia with the aim of developing a cellphone that can detect various diseases through breath.

The motive is a prototype of Nokia N95 that comes with a DNA chip, located on the bottom, with sensors that can detect gases such as CO2, NOx and NH3 (ammonia).
After determining the composition of your breath and tabulation of the density of each gas, the chip compares the results with the characteristics of different diseases. This process is similar to saying that the fingerprints.

The company says that it can detect asthma, diabetes, lung cancer, gastroenteritis, and even the concentration of alcohol in the breath (it is obvious that the utility will give you some if it comes to Argentina).

The British company says it wants to market the device by carriers in Europe and Japan with the help of Nokia and then in Asia. But not yet provided details of the date or the cost that will chip AND.