Sexy View: early worm on S60!

5:57 AM Edited by Blony

Attention users of S60 smartphones. Both F-Secure FortiGruard who have warned that a new worm, Yxes.A, is spreading on S60 platform, the 3rd Edition and above.

Sexy View, this is the name of the worm had originated in China, and has already spread to at least 2-3 variations. Upon installation, you are prompted to install an application called, precisely, "Sexy View" from seller "Play Boy" (it is not difficult to imagine how the names would help to draw users into deception ...).

Once installatie, Sexy View will attempt to terminate the process AppMngr to prevent its removal and also ActiveFile, Taskman, TaskSpy and Y-Tasks, always to prevent them from being detected. Following SV will try to connect to an HTTP address to send the data collected on our phone, and also creating a log file, and self by sending an SMS to all numbers that are in your address book.

Certainly, the virus does not do anything if you do not install, and then, keep your eyes more open than usual these days, if you get strange text message with an invitation to connect to any address you do not know;)