All the numbers of Mobile World Congress

5:59 AM Edited by Blony

Almost exhausted the clamor around the Mobile World Congress (attended also by the main TG nostrani who offered a scandalous and trasudante coverage of ignorance in this area), there are the numbers of this edition.

The total visitors were more than 47,000 from 189 countries around the globe to attend the presentations of 1300 divided into companies and stand structures for more than 57,000 square meters. As for the press coverage, about 2,400 were printed newspapers, online or radio / TV who have followed the event.

If you missed the various daily services, we remind you that you can find them all in the category where we have devoted more and more talked about Palm Pre expected, the new Touch Diamond Touch Pro II and II, the G60 Garmin Nuvifone, the new Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson, Windows Mobile 6.5 and more!