Samsung will manufacture its own chips 4G, WiMAX and LTE

6:27 AM Edited by Blony

Until now Samsung has been using chips from Qualcomm, Broadcom and Infineon, but has now decided to start manufacturing its own chips for mobile devices in the fourth-generation technologies, WiMAX and LTE.

The market is dominated by Qualcomm, which owns much of the patent applications, and therefore intellectual property, CDMA 3G standard, and that all device manufacturers is costing them dear, because every time pay more royalties to Qualcomm for using computers with these technologies. Another manufacturer, Texas Instruments, a supplier of chips 4G, and Freescale, a supplier of processors for Apple, they decided to get off of these projects and will soon cease to produce or sell their operations.

So Samsung prefers to start manufacturing its own chips and save that money by investing in R & D. Via GigaOm.

Good move for Samsung, Qualcomm bad future?