iTunes App Store and Android technology as revolutionary Wired 2008

6:26 AM Edited by Blony

It is very interesting that in the annual ranking of revolutionary technologies from Wired magazine on the top two are mobile technologies.

The second place is held by Android, the operating system behind the Open Handset Alliance and Google-created it for the moment only has one phone for sale but, according to the magazine "has the potential to transform the mobile industry many ways "but a detail, not even a single mention:)

And on top of revolutionary technologies is for the iTunes App Store ... despite being a completely closed platform; discriminating applications that compete with themselves and so on. But, as Fabio said at the time, started a trend that saw up to initiatives from Microsoft and Blackberry App Center Who is missing? Symbian, but its community is so large that it is very difficult to group them into a single online store.