Samsung Blue Earth is charged with solar energy

5:31 AM Edited by Blony

To begin this post, are to be congratulated for not only Samsung launches cell "green" but at the same time demonstrates that this can be done without neglecting the design ... and not only that, making a great design and attractive to People interested in the problem. Touchscreen on the one hand, solar panel on the other: great combination!

I am talking about the new Samsung Blue Earth, just show up and secure it to us officially show more detail at the Mobile World Congress 2009, where missing a couple of days.

Among the few data beyond this full-touchscreen (or even know that you will) are all green features: solar panel to charge mobile only 1 hours, a shipper 5 stars on the efficient use of energy, housing PCM plastic packaging is recycled and made entirely of recycled paper.

Think that if the solar panel works really well, they can charge your cellphone at any time and place ... while there sunshine: P

But until the interface is "eco-friendly" with an organic way to adjust the length of the bluetooth, screen brightness and backlight and minimize energy use.

So it comes with a pedometer that shows how the user benefits the planet walking instead of driving as CO2 emissions and transforms it into a number of trees saved.

All very nice but tell me what your screen resolution: P is supposed to arrive in the second half of 2009 to at least UK.