Rumor: Apple is preparing two new versions of the iPhone

5:34 AM Edited by Blony

According to TechRadar, Apple is preparing two new versions of the iPhone. One would be an improved version of the iPhone 3G that include a higher resolution camera, video recording and more memory.

The other version would lose 3G connectivity, GPS and would keep the current camera. The reason for these missing features will be marketed at a price much lower than the current (one speaks of 75 pounds, about 83 euros) for the less fortunate pockets.

Mike Abramsky, an analyst with the Royal Bank of Canada believes that these new versions would come in summer, so we'll just wait a few months to see if they comply.

Personally, I think so there will be new versions of Apple's device in the medium-long term, but that the improved version discussed in this information seems slightly improved (not a good incentive for those who already have the device are encouraged to make jump), while the cropped version seems overly trimmed function. We'll see how everything is.