RIM Announces BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 and its action collapses

5:00 AM Edited by Blony

. In one of these days you do not understand the ending, RIM announced its new version of Blackberry Enterprise Server, 5 BES, and the market is punishing its action with a fall of almost 17% despite good sales of the holiday season

Turning to BES 5, much of the benefits are directed to the end user, although, obviously, the system administrator will also see good things like:

    Retrieve documents still behind the corporate firewall.
    Add, read, rename and delete folders on the device and see the changes replicated to the mail client on your PC.
    Create rules to filter the email inbox and see the changes replicated to the client desktop.
    View attachments and calendar entries and requests for reunion
    Download and save emails and attachments on microSD cards, something very useful;)