BlackBerry Pearl Flip vs. BlackBerry Pearl

5:15 AM Edited by Blony


Again Chic Zara Mobile provides this video which serves as much as it is concise and well cortito not marear for users who need to decide to make a purchase. In this case dealt with compared to the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220-just to get to Argentina, and his predecessor BlackBerry Pearl 8120: To Flip or Not to Flip?

Leaving aside the tastes of everyone in the mobile lid, the Pearl Flip has larger keys on the keyboard Sure Type and a screen resolution of 240 x 320 compared to 240 x 260 of the Pearl, in addition to with an external display that will look very pretty (and from which you can see the song you're playing or messages).

However, if we set the internal memory, the Flip has 128 MB, double the Pearl which has 64 MB, but both have support for microSD cards.

As for the match, both have a BlackBerry 2 megapixel camera that records video, a 312 MHz processor (quite small compared to the 624 MHz processor, the Bold), WiFi, and has no 3G or GPS.