Prototype interface for mobile 3D: 3D UI Eyetracking

5:27 AM Edited by Blony


Interestingly, the new interface "futuristic" and in 3D with variable depth, developed by the team TAT - The Tribe-Astronishing also present at the fair last Mobile World Congress.

Currently, it is the design of a concept of user interface for mobile terminals equipped with the latest technologies. With new 3D GUI Eyetracking UI, you can get drug effects depending on the inclination of the device compared to your eye. All this will be (and already is) made possible by a dedicated graphics chip and motion sensors or camera.

The same developers, have released a video on the operation of its concept. The company, is the author of other popular interfaces such as Kastor, and other projects displayed on the official site. We leave to the video of their new project: