Dr Jukka has issued new versions of Task Y-and Y-Browser: a taskmanager and a file browser

5:25 AM Edited by Blony

Continue the conversion from individual developers to make their applications compatible with the new platform Symbian S60 5th edition. This, in fact, is and will always be more widespread on the new touch screen Smarphone Nokia, Samsung and possibly other manufacturers.

Dr Jukka, aka the engineer programmer Nokia Jukka Silvennoinen, has just released two new versions of their programs: Task-Y and Y-Browser, both free. Respectively, this is a complete taskmanager with advanced features, and a file browser. Y-Browser, we have dedicated a separate post.

Y-Task, is a program for comprehensive and surprising functionality. Being a taskmanager, allows to view and manage processes, taks, indications of memory, cpu, Association of the extensions of files, and more. The file manager Y-Browser you download from the page, same for Y-Task, which requires a certification to the main form.