Obama was taking a difficult test for the mobile network of USA

4:40 AM Edited by Blony

. It is not something strange that U.S. carriers expect a high level of traffic in mobile networks during the inauguration of Barack Obama as President ... but now say they met the demand with only a few shocks.

But according to AP, most of the participants experienced problems with poor network coverage and text messages that arrived one hour after being sent. It seems that the companies had spent millions of dollars for upgrades of the network time and prepared several months in advance for taking Obama.

So, yesterday's event can be considered a test of the capacity of their networks. But enough introductory information and see what it revealed the major U.S. carriers.

From AT & T said they experienced an increase of six times the traffic of SMS from Washington between 11 and noon. For its part, T-Mobile said that call volume was 10 times greater than normal at this time. Finally, a representative of Sprint reported that its network has experienced a 211 percent increase in traffic through calls, SMS and data transfer between 10 and 11.

Always take with tweezers, and more official information in the light of the complaints that many users reported.