Nokia wants 300 million users by 2012 OVI

6:34 AM Edited by Blony

. Knowing that Nokia is to make a clear transition from being just a manufacturer of mobile phones to become a provider of mobile Internet, OVI is the gateway to all Internet-based services and Nokia is the strong bet of the company.

The number is really large, and to have an adequate scale Renegade Fan Boy, a lover of Nokia makes some interesting comparisons, for example, says that 300 million users is:

The same amount of people that had the United States in 2006.
Between 3 and 6 times higher number of users who have Google Gmail today.
Double the number of users that Facebook has today.
The same amount of users who have Yahoo and Microsoft Live after years of work.

Knowing that there are already more than 110 million computers that can be configured with Mail on OVI, we are not surprised that this number is possible by that date, even before, because remember that Nokia continues to draw Betalabs applications and services, including Nokia Music Store, Nokia Maps, Mail, Image Exchange and Nokia N-Gage, among others.