Kogan Agora second phone with Android

6:36 AM Edited by Blony

Finally the project was canceled Kogan Agora, which was to be the world's second phone to run Android, the HTC G1 that also had the support of Google, HTC and the manufacture of the T-Mobile network, although the system is operating open-source and although no exact figures because the cancellation was made after signing an NDA are some questions I have left hanging around.

The main doubt is whether, despite being an operating system open to all and that would make your phone are not we at a point where you can not compete with the big ones? I mean, is it possible to design, manufacture and market a successful phone in a world hiperconcentrated?

And if the decision was made after a reunion with Google and when the team was about to be delivered to retailers and operators The NDA will not hide any compensation?