Nokia N95 8GB depth

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. For a while I had the opportunity to play with a Nokia N95 or N95 8GB-4 to see if he had really improved the team by comparing it with the original and the truth is that the difference between a team and is quite large. Better display, and massive internal memory access speed and response 8Gigas of the N95 is one of the best options on the market if you're looking for a multimedia phone.

The best thing about the N95 8gb: The display is absolutely great, the 8GB memory will cover almost all requirements and the speed of the team is remarkable! The worst: the content download application, some system settings and the Macro Mode is not easy to find something ... and it's great.

Design and construction
This is one of the strengths of the team that improves the original N95 and much andalusia, beyond being the team has a black opaque enclosure which serves to not slip and give it a touch more discreet ...

What surprises me is that despite the larger display size of the team maintained that this time, there is more solid than the previous .. anything really not too difficult but this time it sounds logical.

What does this mean? That becomes much easier to handle and use with one hand while it is more discreet.

At this point I will talk about the media not to mention the camera you're going to see a few paragraphs below, and here is this team going very well because it is a point and Nseries. It is designed to be able to view videos and so is in "widescreen mode" with dedicated controls for videos ... that with the new screen, you can enjoy quietly (in my case I saw the film and videos of my son jejeje 300 times)

And we have the hard to see and hear videos, music operates without any problem .. headphones that actually let you bring your computer to handle everything from the cable without having to remove equipment at any time.

Tip: If you want to upload videos to your computer, you can use the Nokia Video Manager or VeMode allows you to convert DVDs with subtitles and everything: P

Can you say that it improved the 5 megapixel Nokia already had? Yes and no ... see, the definition is the same, the menu is basically the same and generally not going to notice differences, until they get a picture and see that the speed of "processing" and start-up grew exponentially!

And that's great!, The N95 has a camera comparable to the N82 but its speed was infuriating .. this time made a package that is impressive. In fact, not to ruin the rating of the equipment, in addition to the photos I took myself, I recommend you see the pictures taken with the Nokia N95 8Gb on Flickr for quevean that this team is capable (1) (2) (3) and can see that this team;)

At this point there are 2 things that differentiate, Nokia own the software included in this team and that is worth taking into account in order to operate the equipment. Share on ovi going very well, Nokia Maps works correctly, Nokia Sports Tracker to be downloaded and it is great to keep your exercise routine .. So far, including S60, all going well.

But as always, the best of the Symbian development years ago and that is that you can have millions of applications running around .. I found two that were to have this phone as Twibble Twitter client for managing and Deviscape hotspots wifi connectivity and both recommend no more;)

In short, there is a little bit of everything and this is one of the strengths of the platform, in fact I think lo├║nico you need is a download application that is friendly and truly capable of competing with the App Store that is so fashionable .

Drums and sound quality
The battery in the computer hard enough, if not all the time you turned on the GPS and WIFI connectivity. But in a sense is one of the biggest challenges that developers are ... teams increasingly powerful processors, with more chip radio (WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, etc..) Displays larger .. and smaller sizes. In short the battery is good but not as in other Nokia dazzles.

The sound quality is very good, especially in the hands free to be endured in the ashtray of the car while I used to talk without having to yell or say that strive to understand the other side.

The signal quality is really excellent, and at this point inherits the quality of previous N95 nor disappointed .. establish a standard test known in the underground parking elevator in my building goes far beyond. One detail I think the geek antenna GPS module is located below the casing because sometimes achieves "lock" the satellite better that way;)

The Nokia N95 8GB is the battle horse of many operators, in fact in Latin America course is presented with an exclusive a couple of months and is the "preparation" for the arrival of the N96 brand new tank.

Personally it is one of the best phones that probe in a long time, because the theme of the slow N95 original and making a better case design with much better this team is really great.