New system of payment for parking by mobile

4:48 AM Edited by Blony

As in the UK, where parking meters to interact via text messages, this week starts in La Plata, one of the most important cities of Argentina, a service fee of stay in the public parking through text messages.

Drivers who choose to park in places reached by this methodology can upload their mobile credit from competing for business by combining its mobile and attached to the vehicle registration.

The only thing the user must pay is the price assigned to the parking and the cost of message transmission, the cost of confirmations to be received by text message will be faced by the local municipality. The novelty of the system is to be paid for time that was actually parked the vehicle, the minimum is one hour, which will cost 1 peso argentino ($ 0.30), and then divided by minutes elapsed.

Do not you think one way to find novel solutions to the benefits that technology offers?