German peoples control lights on the street with your mobile

4:50 AM Edited by Blony

With the crisis that is emerging ever more creative ways to save energy ... or silver. In many villages the Germans wanted to save by cutting the street lights at night, but obviously, the neighbors were not too agrees with the decision.

However, there is a solution for everything, and in this case originated in the village of Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz, where a year ago and cut off half the lights at night to 900 people by giving them the option to pledge their mobile phones. The grandparents were a little worried about not being able to handle this new technology but after 2 weeks of testing and a little practice, the system worked and barbaric they lit the lamps only when needed, saving about 4,000 euros per year (not just considering the number of inhabitants).

In the village of Döblitz, a resident made a similar invention: a modified put a cell in the electrical box of lights and people could call the same for clothes. 15 minutes later, this turns off automatically.

The latest example comes from another resident Dörentrup which created a system where people have to register and send an SMS to 6 digit number to identify the area you want lit. To find the number of area will have to search a site online or written in the light poles themselves.

The latter system was patented and turned into an application called Dial4Light. Now, other communities are adopting this system, but some charge up to people if they want to turn the lights in an area, either the call or to just 3.5 euros per 60 minutes of light.