MWC 09: More details on Windows Marketplace for Mobile

7:49 AM Edited by Blony

. Beyond the name, for Windows Mobile Marketplace, which is the application store for Windows Mobile is one of the most important announcements for users of that operating system, because in one way or another are beginning to centralize the distribution of applications and Today, the applications available are making a major mobile platform ...

Shortcut on the Start menu of all Windows Mobile 6.5 phone with
application and pre-installed.
Shop with over 30 global
countries with
different types of payment options credit card bill or
operator (this is
great because it encourages impulse buying)
source of contact for
developers to create, publish and manage
applications in the marketplace.
Transparent policies to see what
can be
published and that no
pubicaciĆ³n simple and
straightforward to
have published the applications as soon
as possible.

using tools like Microsoft Visual Studio to have less development time
And if you look at these details, you see some consistency in coming to fix the mistakes of other online stores that are going around, maybe get the last is not so bad after all for Microsoft, no?