MWC 09: Constant Lenovo Connect your Blackberry to synchronize with the PC turned off

4:02 AM Edited by Blony

Lenovo launched the Lenovo Notes Connect Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a small device that lets you sync your Blackberry via Bluetooth cuanlquier Thinkpad, even when the PC is off and it is interesting how it works, but frankly, now we just pay attention to a press release so dull that he did not understand that the product served.

The idea is pretty interesting card is installed in a notebook that has an internal memory of 50 MB and has Bluetooth connectivity, to bring your Blackberry (prior authorization) or email contacts, or events that have received the BB while the notebook is off sync automatically, and when turning, it's in your mail client .... ¿Creative?

And although at first I said "how stupid to save 15 seconds" if the communication / synchronization is two-way (which is not made clear) one would not need even to pay the ridiculous cost of wifi in airports and then this small invention would not only save time but also generate some savings for the company:)