Lenovo will lock its Thinkpad via SMS

1:04 AM Edited by Blony

. Lenovo is working with Phoenix, a BIOS developer, to develop a technology that will be available from Q1 2009 and, according to eWeek info, you will have the functionality to block Thinkpad notebook completely through a SMS.

The system works like this: after our Lenovo Thinkpad notebook falling into unwanted hands, we must send a text message containing a specific text, and our notebook locks immediately if you are turned on or if it is off, the next time and is switched between a mobile network. To turn the notebook, if you come into our hands, we will introduce a code created during startup of the computer and recover the notebook as it was.

Lenovo is having much interaction with users through several blogs LenovoBlogs consolidated, so no doubt that this will come out of an idea of some user.