3G Americas recommends security in mobile applications and home banking

1:02 AM Edited by Blony

3G Americas, a partnership that strengthens the entire industry GSM, UMTS, HSPA and LTE, announced the publication of a research report called the Security and Trust in Mobile Applications that reveals the difficulties faced by the users consumers, and providers of applications, malicious attempts to compromise the security of mobile applications, such as identity theft, phishing and pharming, complicated issues today, as we are moving from our hiperconectados many mobile platforms.

The report outlines key applications and services that exceed the current requirements and future. For example, he mentioned the universal integrated circuit card (UICC, as its Spanish acronym), a token that is recognized both in the mobile industry by banks as the device more secure and resistant to handling storage and use of credentials authentication.

The UICC is engineered to include a series of physical and logical countermeasures that make compromising its secrets virtually impossible. To ensure that only specified users access to secret information contained in the UICC, the information is protected by a PIN or password which enables two-factor authentication.

According to the latest information, the industry already has a GSM 3418 million terminals in operation around the world and is widespread throughout the Americas with 67% of total mobile subscribers on the continent, and that these efforts will be well used by most mobile users.