In the UK concerned about children with mobile

6:33 AM Edited by Blony

. According to one study, 8 years is the average age at which parents delivered their first mobile phone to a child and that over 35% of children 8 years and have one. It also highlights that 75% of all children aged 7 to 15 years of ownership of "at least" a mobile phone.

The study also shows that some children as young as seven years are offered to do chores in exchange for money to buy ringtones, to 10 years who use credit and debit cards from their parents to buy mobile games, This proves that they have the support of parents, and who participate in competitions by text messages.

With this type of study is to achieve two things, get to know the reality of the market that exists between children and mobile and is the kick of laws prohibiting or restricting the mobile minors, as did Finland, which recommended that no use them, and France, where it is prohibited the sale and promotion of mobile children, such as Lego Phone.

What was not mentioned in this study is that children that age who use the mobile in a constructive way, remember that 9 year old boy who developed an application for the iPhone.