135, 235 and 735 new candybar Vodafone

6:34 AM Edited by Blony

. Mariano told him yesterday that I do not remember ever having seen anyone using one terminal of the Vodafone brand. It is true that models are fine for people who do not want to spend big money to buy your mobile phone and you do not need advanced features, but the truth is that, in addition to Vodafone's own stores, I have never seen a "live . However, it seems that sell well in developing markets and as such are not new models no longer appear.

The latest news displayed by Vodafone in the MWC in Barcelona are three terminals candybar style dubbed 735, 235 and 135. The Vodafone 735 is available for sale in the spring, is the most comprehensive of the three. It is a 3G phone to browse the Internet and access to Google Maps, Vodafone and Vodafone Messenger Music. It has a 2-inch screen and 2 megapixel camera.

For its part, the Vodafone 235 will be content with 2G connectivity, a 1.5-inch screen and FM radio. Finally, the cheapest of the three, the Vodafone 135 is a leap into the past, since it is only a two-line monochrome screen to see the numbers and read SMS.