Google Book Search comes to iPhone and Android

8:33 AM Edited by Blony

Google's response to the Kindle, said at Techcrunch and in a sense they are right .. although not a direct competition in the sector, you can get some market if people get used to read from their mobile phones.

Question that Google Book Search launched version for iPhone and Android mobile meaning they have the reach of the thumb (which pretty trite phrase: P) one and a half million books through these two platforms.

The books are adapted to be read on cell phones, but will have to be tested as it is the experience of moving the pages. To use this technology OCR (Optical Character Recognition), or optical character recognition that "draws a picture of the characters that make up a text for storage in a format which can interact with the text editing program. In the post Google Books Search Inside announced the news where some examples of the technology.

To see what you think will from their cell and then tell us who found reading a book like this.