Amazon wants to bring mobile Kindle books

8:38 AM Edited by Blony

What no coincidence? the same day that Google Book Search was made in iPhone and Android, from Amazon no longer his intention to reach beyond the mobile platforms. Is off the battle?

"We are working to bring books to Kindle amplica an array of cell phones," said an Amazon spokesman in New York Times. Obviously not clarified, nor the date or where the cell will be available. Although insurance will not be lost trying to enter the iPhone users, which are quite popular readers of e-books.

The main difference is that Google Book Search offers books generally old in the public domain and free while the Amazon collection is comprised of several new books and bestsellers payments. Be seen whether they implement the same system.

I found very interesting view of "an analyst" in the NYT: "In the same way that the camera phones will not replace digital cameras, smartphones will not replace e-readers such as Kindle books."