Fighting Flatulence in iTunes

12:19 AM Edited by Blony

Applications that simulate flatulence were curious and they earn money in cars for their creators. Now these applications are starting to make noise legal, Pull My Finger iFart Mobile and will come to trial for alleged misappropriation of trademark.

InfoMedia, creators of iFart Mobile, said it filed the complaint after a lawyer for Air-O-Matic, the creators of Pull My Finger, requiring the company to pay $ 50,000 for the use of terminology "pull my finger" in promotional activities.

Already more than 70 applications for simulation of flatulence in the iTunes App Store and over 180 that include the word "fart" from its description, so many may object to similar actions, do all the same! Do not you think that, but for me, and make noise, it sucks, much!