BlackBerry Bold with heating problems in Japan

11:22 PM Edited by Blony

The BlackBerry Bold came to Japan last week through NTT DoCoMo, the country's largest carrier, and bought about 4 thousand people so far (and I put something bold in the past).

According to Reuters, the Japanese mobile operator received about 30 complaints saying that the area of the Bold's keyboard is heated more than they should, but there were no heridas.Por that, since DoCoMo decided to suspend sales until RIM solves the problem.

And since RIM took to clarify: "This problem seems to be limited to the BlackBerry Bold from sale in Japan last week and Bold sales in other countries are not affected by this."

The case of the warming of the Bold is still being researched, completed and we hope that RIM does not really go to and be a major problem in other countries where it sells the Bold.