Anyone with an unlocked G1 can download applications from Android Market?

11:25 PM Edited by Blony

It seems that Google is avoiding anyone with an unlocked G1 can download applications from Android Market and pay over said it was to prevent "piracy."

A few days ago, Google implemented the ban to prevent anyone with a cellphone can be unlocked: buy an application pays back (full refund are allowed up to 24 hours of discharge) and then download it again for free. This may happen because unlocked phones give users access to the directory where the applications are lodged pay.

The main problem is that generates the ire of developers and I do not think Google wants to do if you think in the life of the platform. Google is because it leaves developers to buy mobile unlocked as part of the development kit and now they can not even buy their own applications from Android Market!

Some even suggested making some sort of revolt to "stop treating developers like second class citizens."

Google has to fix the problem as soon as possible because you need to follow Android leaving at least one image open platform and we really can not afford to confront the developers at this early stage. Besides how many people will pay that much money for an unlocked G1 to save money with the applications.