The best and worst mobile internet

4:48 AM Edited by Blony

Most websites are still mistakes in their mobile versions because of that ... to see them merely as traditional versions of the page! However, a number of brands that are already understood the concept and are reaping the results because mobile websites created to entertain or simply meet a real need, or why not both.

From this reflection, mobiThinking launched an e-Book to look out for the best and worst of the mobile web sites that mark in 2008 are the winners and sinners from whom the industry.

Believe it is a great time to do so as happened this year marked "the end of the beginning" in terms of mobile Internet and that there is a wide disparity between the best and worst practices, which unfortunately for the users, are more common.

The idea is that the investigation be taken as a snapshot of the current situation, and it recruited a number of experts in mobile marketing to tell what their favorite sites and they found disappointing (read the list of panelists that have achieved the views of real grosos).

MobiThinking_BestWorst.pdf Download (3.25 MB)