Analysis of tastes and preferences of mobile users

6:56 AM Edited by Blony

. In an analysis of the consulting firm Strategy Analytics, which assessed the taste and preferences about color and form factor of thousands of mobile phone users worldwide, it can be concluded on trends continue brands to launch new handsets in the future.

The study indicates that there remains a strong preference on the Clamshell that still dominate with 64% of users' preferences, as the leader in sales and classic RAZR or the new BlackBerry Pearl Flip. This preference has also dropped to 64% from 80% 2 years ago by launching new form factor, which did not exist many models with a slider QWERTY keyboard like the new Palm Pre, the Samsung SGH-a767 Propel or Nokia N97 or full touch screen like the iPhone or the Blackberry Storm, which are the form factor that are growing in the taste of the current user.

Those who lost were the most interest candybar, which fell from 29% to 17% and preferably also by the intrusion of these new concepts and full touch screen slider. It is worth mentioning that when is a candybar smartphone has QWERTY keyboard, like the Nokia E71, recover a little strength in the preference of users who use email.

On the color refers to the black is the color chosen, both in America and Europe, but now the black is called "the new black", because it is brighter and better finishes and materials, such as LG Chocolate, the Startac classic of the late nineties. With the trend in new colors will note the impact of fashion colors, modern and custom, as the silver color, which previously had great interest, is now elected by only 15% of users.

It is almost one third of users who prefer modern colors such as blue and red of the Nokia 5300 XpressMusic, the board or the green of the Sony Ericsson K660, new pink or blue colors of the LG Shine, the new red and green Samsung Propel or the myriad colors of HTC Touch Diamond.

It's very interesting to view these preference analysis as to where we are moving toward the leading brands and where they should go niche. Many of these trends are confirmed when we see the ranking of the 10 most used cell in the U.S., which dominate the Clamshell and blacks.