Why You Should Choose The iPhone 3GS Smart Phone

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Looking for a new smart phone? If so, you might love Apple’s new iPhone 3GS Smart Phone. In regard to smartphones, this particular model a few years ago was the best in its league. The iPhone 4, for instance, is now the most coveted smartphone comparatively speaking. What is great about the release of the new iPhone is that it gives people a chance to try out the iPhone 3GS Smart Phone at a much lower cost.

Smartphone technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, making a simple cell phone so much more. To make sure you never get lost, the iPhone 3GS Smart Phone has a GPS system ready to use. GPS units that are in cars are very useful, yet you should also have one with you in case you are trying to find your way in a metropolitan area while walking. The Maps & Compass application is easy to download and you can use it right away. Finding North is no problem at all using this app. Finding a place to go has never been easier using the Maps function on the app. You can locate anything from restaurants to hotels by just typing in the word and it will present the ones nearest you.

One of the main problems with people getting smart phones is that the cost is way too high. Spending several hundred dollars on a phone is a large decision to make; you need to know having a phone is worth all that money. Do you want to get an iPhone 3GS? Right now, they are only $49 which is a bargain for a phone with this many features. AT&T offers this type of deal, but it comes with a two-year contract.

An exceptionally good option for a phone of this quality, especially an iPhone. Getting a mobile phone is an essential necessity in today’s world, and even though you have a contract, it is a bill you have to pay so why not get an iPhone at this low price.

One very simple but still convenient feature offered by the iPhone 3GS is the ability to copy and paste things like images and text. This is something you take for granted on your computer, but it’s still a fairly advanced feature for a phone, and the iPhone 3GS was one of the first to make this available. Not only are you able to copy blocks of text, you are also able to copy entire sections of websites–including the images they contain. You are then able to paste the things you’ve copied into documents and emails that you want to send. Lots of the more highly priced smart phones also offer this capability but it is difficult to find copy and paste features that work well on other phones that are in the same price range of the iPhone 3GS.

The iPhone 3GS smart phone is a classic device that Apple created and holds up perfectly well against other phones. It’s a good idea to compare this phone to newer models like the iPhone 4 to see if you really think its worth it to pay more money for features that you are not even going to use. On the other hand, if you’re really intent on getting the very latest iPhone, your best bet would be to get the iPhone 5 when it comes out.

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