Let’s see what is the iphone5?

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Apple’s reputation always promises the best and the brightest in technology and once again, they deliver.So what does it have that makes it such a great phone to own? For starters, it has a CPU that packs two times as much power as what’s currently on the market. But the effectiveness of the phone doesn’t stop there.

It goes on to crank the GPU up seven times better than the A4 model. If you add that to 512 MB of RAM, you have one very powerful phone that’s slim and light enough to be aesthetically pleasing, yet strong enough to handle whatever you throw at it.

So what are the features that set this phone apart?

Of course, you get all of the great features that you’re used to in the iPhone4S version, plus you get the faster processor as mentioned above.

This translates into better graphics, giving you sharper images. Imagine playing the games you love with eye-popping clarity and color. The phone’s power is what will make a difference in your pictures, too.In case you didn’t already know, the Apple iPhone 5 will have the capability to take better, clearer shots. Most people think it’s the pixels that determine whether or not you’ll get quality photos from a phone, but that’s fully correct.

The truth is, it’s not how many pixels the phone will have that takes the line and moves it from a good to a great picture – it’s that power behind the pixels and you guessed it – that power is the processor.For those of you who love watching movies and videos and playing games on your phone, you’ll love what the IOS operating system can do for you. It gives you the ability to do it all at once in much less time.

So even when you’re multi-tasking, it won’t seem like you’re working. The phone still has the same easy multi touch ease of use making technology come alive at the tip of a finger.

The security on the camera will keep your data protected, which means that if you’re in the corporate world, you don’t have to worry about your sensitive information going where it shouldn’t go.

The Apple iPhone 5 gives you more of everything and you get hundreds of new features. If you currently get your email alerts in one place, and your Twitter and Facebook notifications in another, you can stop all of that by using the Notification Center.

Just one simple swipe and you’re in. You can link in with IOS users via text messages (unlimited – what a bargain!) with group messages. Organization is the key to a less stressful life and the iPhone helps make that happen for you.

The iPhone 5 is a result of the fact that Apple heard consumers loud and clear – they’re keeping the features consumer loved in the past and bringing new ones to make life better, faster.