Android Gingerbread style tweaks revealed by way of new Maps version?

11:25 PM Edited by Blony

Seems that reaching into the innards of the latest version of Google Maps for Android and changing the API level from 8 (Froyo) to 9 (Gingerbread) changes the UI a bit, as you can see above. What we know today is on the left, and the right side represents the tweaks that we presume will match up with the changes Google has made systemwide in Gingerbread, a build that we now believe will likely be Android 2.3 at retail. Nothing mind-blowing here, it seems -- obviously you can't make much of a single dialog, but given that we're only getting a 0.1 increment in the version number instead of the 0.8 increment we'd expected before, we can imagine that the changelog would be more about refinement than turning the whole world upside down (that's Matias Duarte's job, we're guessing).

Via Android Police