Mobiado's 712 Mokume Gane: because your Galaxy S lacks ancient Japanese metallurgical craftsmanship

12:01 AM Edited by Blony

Is there any way to sensibly justify Mobiado's colossally overpriced, underspec'd handsets? Not as far as we can tell -- but Mobiado seems to be eminently aware of (and okay with) that, diving yet deeper into the bottomless pit of conspicuous consumption this week with the announcement of the 712 Mokume Gane candybar. What's "Mokume Gane" mean, you ask? Well, turns out it refers to an ancient Japanese metalworking technique used to craft decorative weapons in which several types of metals are folded into one another to create a wood grain look. Oh, and if you're wondering why they don't just simply things a bit and use real wood, the short answer is that Mobiado already does that -- see the 712EM model -- so this would be for people looking for a little more heft (and presumably, cost). As with most of Mobiado's models, this is a situation where you're going to have to hit up a retailer to find out how close to bankruptcy the phone is going to push you.

Via Unwired View