LG Vortex for Verizon in the wild?

6:55 PM Edited by Blony

It might be a little early to cue the "vortex of suck" jokes, but this spy shot definitely says it all: the phone -- claimed to be called Vortex -- is decidedly on the lower end of Verizon's Android spectrum. The Droid Guy, source of the photo, says that the specs include a 600MHz core, 3.2-inch display, FM radio, and Froyo; that basically matches up with the recently-announced Optimus One's spec sheet, and considering the similarity in industrial design, it's reasonable to follow the site's conclusion that this little more than a CDMA port of the device. To be fair, the Android handsets in Verizon's present-day lineup are definitely weighted toward the pricey side, so phones like this and the Motorola WX445 should help balance things out a smidge when (and if) they ultimately end up launching.