Motorola turns Droid X's source code loose -- some of it, anyhow

12:54 AM Edited by Blony

This might not have a ton of relevance as long as we've got a nearly airtight bootloader lock standing in our way, but we suppose it's a start: Motorola has outed the Droid X's source code, though it's apparently left some key bits out, just as it's entitled to do under the terms of Android's Apache License. Of course, this isn't anything new -- HTC does the same, mainly releasing only stuff that it has to by virtue of the kernel's GPL licensing -- and considering the customizations all these guys are doing, it's not an entirely surprising way to go about it. In other words, don't expect custom firmware to start popping up left and right -- not until our ever-trusty hacking community figures out a way to fully circumvent the eFuse noise.

Via engadget