LG SV770 Waffle isn't as edible as it sounds

2:16 AM Edited by Blony

Throughout much of the world, 3G is a welcome change from the surly slow-speed bonds of older wireless techs, but in South Korea, there's still a huge contingent of subscribers stubbornly hanging onto their 2G service for a simple reason: upgrading requires a number change. Anyone can relate to why changing phone numbers sucks so badly, so LG's actually using the 2G nature of its SV770 Waffle as a selling point -- well, that, and the waffle-esque backing, of course. The trendy slider will be available shortly in three shades -- white, black, and champagne gold -- and feature Bluetooth, FM radio, and an emergency siren in case someone tries to enjoy your Waffle a little too much rather than getting his or her own. Look for it to hit SK Telecom in the next couple weeks; now if you'll excuse us, we could really use some breakfast.

Via mobile-review