MetroPCS goes a second round with Mister Cartoon for Moto's VE440

2:29 AM Edited by Blony

Motorola's unassuming VE440 candybar was not a phone that we'd ever taken as the kind of device a company would revisit to craft a special edition -- but then again, we don't really understand Mister Cartoon either, so what do we know? That's right: just as it did last year with the Samsung Messager, the regional has paired up with tattoo guru Mister Cartoon to coat the VE440 in black and chrome trimmed with two positively frightening interchangeable covers. The new version comes bundled with a 1GB microSD card and two "exclusive" Snoop Dogg tracks, which -- considering the phone's $89 off-contract price after rebate -- might be worth the cost of admission alone. It's available now; part of the proceeds will be donated to youth centers within MetroPCS' market areas, so you can feel good about the purchase despite what the glaring skull on the back of the phone wants you to believe.

Via MetroPCS