Ready for another round of rumors about Windows Mobile 7?

1:12 AM Edited by Blony

MS Mobiles has it that WM 7 will feature free navigation – like Nokia’s new Symbian phones, and Android 2.0 (actually, Android 2.0 offers free navigation only for the US at the moment, while Nokia’s offering is available world-wide).

Reportedly, this is not just a rumor, it’s “pure information” – although, of course, no info should be taken as being factual until it’s officially confirmed.

MS Mobiles also repeats what we’ve previously heard: Windows Mobile 7 will feature Zune, Xbox and Bing integration, as well as a new UI.

As for Windows Mobile 6.x (including Windows Mobile 6.5.3), this will coexist with WM 7, and it looks like it will be free – and thus it will be used on cheaper smartphones.

Via UV