ntuitive's smartphone UI concept thinks so you don't have to

1:04 AM Edited by Blony

Other than some fancy wallpaper that automatically changes based on the time of day or the music that you're listening to, the UIs of modern smartphones are generally pretty static -- what you see at 8AM is going to be the same thing you see at high noon or bedtime. Israeli firm Intuitive User Interfaces is looking to change all that with its new "one-touch" UI concept that uses situational cues -- presumably time and place, primarily -- to call up functions that you're most likely to use in a 3D mishmash of icons. Apps like Locale have been toying with the concept of situation awareness for a while now and Toshiba is working on a similar concept for phones released in its Japanese domestic market, so it seems like this could be the next logical step -- just in time to stop our poor, overworked thumbs from cramping up. The platform's first coming to Android with versions for other operating systems already in the pipeline.

Via TG Daily